Transforming digitally: Bluelab case study

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Bluelab’s Chief Product & Innovation Officer Jono Jones talks about how and why the agritech manufacturing company has spent 18 months focused on digital transformation.

Jones describes eight transformational steps that helped the company drive the changes and describes the most important one as ‘making it a big deal’ and flagging to the entire business that digital transformation was a priority.

Bluelab was also very clear from the outset about the overarching goals for digital transformation, which were to diversify channels through online and get closer to their customers, provide a consistent experience for customers across sales, marketing and services, and drive internal efficiencies.

Jones also talks about how digital has enabled them to try new things and adopt new channels in response to disrupted global markets that have occurred as a result of COVID-19.

“We’ve adopted the approach, ‘let’s experiment with this’. This is the opportunity with digital, you can experiment with stuff at a large scale at a very low cost.”

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