Rockit Global Ltd

Expansion investment

Rockit Global Ltd, based in Havelock North, Hawke’s Bay has the global and exclusive license to grow and market the Rockit™ (PremA96) apple.

Rockit™ apples are small, sweet, crisp and juicy. With its innovative convenience packaging it positions Rockit™ as a premium fruit snack. Fruit is grown under licence in Europe, the USA, Australia and Hawkes Bay here in New Zealand. Its key markets are in China, South East Asia, and the Middle East.

Retirement Income Group

(trading as Lifetime Retirement Income)

Expansion investment

Retirement Income Group aims to assist New Zealand retirees to turn their savings into a regular income for life, providing a regular top-up to New Zealand Superannuation payments. This is a large and growing segment of the New Zealand investment market that has few product solutions. Retirement Income Group also offers superannuation funds for those still saving towards retirement.


Expansion investment

Bluelab is an innovative, high growth global agri-tech business headquartered in Tauranga. Bluelab designs and assembles innovative electronic products, which measure and control inputs including temperature, pH, and conductivity in controlled environment agriculture (“CEA”) systems. With offices in North America and Europe, Bluelab allows growers to unlock the potential of plants.

About Health Holdings Ltd

Succession investment

About Health is a direct-to-consumer health supplements business. About Health develops and sells multi-ingredient, multi-benefit supplements, which are formulated and manufactured in New Zealand. Its range of products includes Resveratrol, Lester’s Oil, and a number of other specially formulated supplements. About Health has helped over 50,000 New Zealanders with their health.

Rhino Group Holdings Ltd

Succession investment

Rhino Manufacturing is the New Zealand industry leader in truck and trailer mudguards and ancillary parts. Rhino sells its products to truck part wholesalers, corporate entities, independent truck assembly businesses, repairers, and branded truck importers in New Zealand and Australia. Its sales are a mix of componentry for new truck or trailer builds, as well as replacements and repairs.

Independent Verification Services (IVS)

Succession investment

Encompassing biosecurity, certification, testing and training, IVS is fully embedded in the New Zealand trade sector. IVS is NZ’s leading provider of biosecurity services for importers and exporters and is approved by MPI as an Independent Verification Agency (IVA). IVS provides container clearance, transitional facility support and vehicle border inspection services. IVS also holds ISO 17020 accreditation.